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Traditional Education Vs. Online Education: Benefits And Drawbacks

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, it has become difficult for students to decide which college to choose and whether to study online or at the campus. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, and it totally depends on you which one you choose. Understanding the pros and cons of each will help you take the decision more wisely:

Traditional education benefits

i. Interaction with teachers

One of the greatest benefits of studying at a traditional college is that you have the opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with your teachers and receive physical support and guidance with your coursework. Interacting face-to-face will allow the teacher to understand your problem in a much better way as compared to interacting online. Similarly, students will be able to understand what the teacher is explaining to them.

ii. Experience of campus life

College provides a great experience of campus life to students. A campus is a complete community for the students where they spend most of their time. You would love spending time in the campus and participate in the activities and events, especially if you’re a social person.

iii. Facilities

By getting enrolled in a traditional college or university, you can take advantage of the facilities provided by the institution. These include student loans, scholarships, unions, gym and many others.

Traditional education drawbacks

i. High costs

The biggest disadvantage of studying at a traditional college is that it is very expensive. Students from poor financial backgrounds cannot bear the high cost of courses at the college or university. Although some institutions provide financial support in terms of student loans, many students finds themselves paying back loans even after graduation. Moreover, the transportation costs are high and it is a big problem for students to travel to their college or university. Therefore, studying at a traditional college is not at all affordable.

ii. Lack of individual attention

In a traditional college, the classrooms and lecture halls are usually packed with hundreds of students. In these types of settings, students cannot receive individual attention by their professors, which is a big disadvantage for them.

iii. Rigid schedules

One problem of enrolling at a traditional university or college is the inflexible scheduling of courses. Many university students do part-time jobs to bear the heavy expenses of their studies. Such students want to study in the evening or at night. But if their desired course is only offered during the day, it becomes difficult for them to manage studies along with their job.

Online education benefits

i. Affordable costs

Affordability is the greatest benefit of studying online. Even though all online courses aren’t cost-effective, but most of them are. Since you can get access to educational resources via the Internet, tuition fee is also reduced. There are no travelling expenses as well.

ii. Flexible study hours

Another advantage of online education is that it provides flexible study hours for students. This allows students with responsibilities associated with job or family to learn at their own pace, whenever it is convenient for them. Thus, by learning at your own pace, you are able to complete your assignments and courses while keeping balance with your work, family and other responsibilities.

iii. Access to technology

Through online education, you become familiar with the modern technology which contributes greatly to your future career.

Online education drawbacks

i. Lack of personal interaction

Unlike traditional college, there is no face-to-face interaction in studying online. Although you interact with other students and teachers, but it will be only through chat rooms and discussion forums. Moreover, online colleges also lack campus activities and facilities that only a traditional college can provide.

ii. Technical problems

You might have problems with your computer or the Internet connection. In this case, you won’t be able to complete your assigned tasks on time.

iii. Time management problem

Although online education has the convenience of flexible study hours, you still need to complete the assignments within the assigned deadlines. This can be sometimes challenging for working students.

Libby Ward